“For several years I have been a photographer on Aaron’s digital media team, covering running events all over northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Aaron is very skilled in all aspects of leading and directing the team.

His organizational skills are exceptional. For example, we cover many events each year, each with unique course layouts, and often with multiple races going on at the same time. Aaron does a fantastic job of planning what location each photographer should be at and when to move to different course locations during the race in order to cover all the simultaneous races going on as completely as possible.

Communication is another aspect where Aaron excels. He clearly communicates the type of shots that he is looking for and texts us in advance with instructions for the event. If someone on the team has a question, he has a pleasant go-to attitude when communicating to the team member. He also gives constructive and positive feedback on how and what to change for future events.

I enjoy working with Aaron as team leader. He puts in the extra effort to detail which makes me want to work hard to capture the best photos.”

Eric L.